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19 fuego spew

Night Lava – Atitlán to Acatenango

Some brutal riding and an amazing hike up one volcano to watch its brother erupting.

21 exploring wetlands

Paddling Atitlán

A three-day paddling trip folly around Lake Atitlán.

A little further on we came to the full lake view.

Into Guatemala

The riding continues into Guatemala.

A rare, car-free moment on the Panamericana

Back on the Road

Back on the road after a bit of theft took the wind out of our sails.

Little girl staring


We are rewarded for choosing a tougher route through the hills with insane views and an invite to a village’s festivities.

09 DSC00740

Iztaccihuatl: How We Almost Accidentally Hiked the 8th Highest Peak in North America

Hiking volcanoes is sweet.