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El Salvador Part II

Sometimes the brothel is the best deal in town.

The climbing did, indeed continue. We blasted some Phish out of our portable speaker to keep morale up, much to the bemusement of the few people we passed on this quiet road.

El Salvador Part I

The first half of El Salvador had it all: quiet dirt roads, busy obnoxious highways, a giant crater lake, mountain climbing, glamour shots, free facials and the skeleton of a mouse.

19 fuego spew

Night Lava – Atitlán to Acatenango

Some brutal riding and an amazing hike up one volcano to watch its brother erupting.

21 exploring wetlands

Paddling Atitlán

A three-day paddling trip folly around Lake Atitlán.

A little further on we came to the full lake view.

Into Guatemala

The riding continues into Guatemala.

A rare, car-free moment on the Panamericana

Back on the Road

Back on the road after a bit of theft took the wind out of our sails.