It’s a lifestyle, not a trip

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December 3, 2013 | Posted in Musings | By

I’m finding it more and more difficult to describe our plans to people in an easily digestible format. At first it was simple, we could just say, “we’re biking to South America.” But as it gets closer to the date, I have to more face the reality that this is not exactly a true statement. We do have a vague idea to probably bike to South America, but we aren’t planning it as some straight off trip. We’ll be doing some other stuff as well. We may stop to live somewhere for awhile, and we may not bike the whole way if we don’t feel like it. We may end up just hopping on a flight at some point and flying off to some other continent entirely. Or home, whatever that means.

So really, it is a departure from a lifestyle, our New York, office-based lifestyle. Perhaps forever, but perhaps not. It is an exploration of ourselves as much as it is of the world. What kind of life do we want to live? Maybe we’ll find it, but perhaps it’s already found, and it is this settle in, then uproot life that we love. Saying we are finding ourselves feels silly because I have never felt more found than I have in the past year. I think we are already where we want to be – in a perpetual state of growth and change.

Are we going on a trip, or a life? We aren’t traveling somewhere with a home waiting for us someplace, we are changing to an on-road domicile, until some place or idea grabs us enough to fill in our address blank. How do you describe this though? People can comprehend a defined trip, even “biking to South America,” while crazy, can be internalized. Quitting our jobs to travel, somewhere, until… ? That doesn’t compute quite as well. I even find myself asking what that means as I say it.

But really, this is how every human lives. No matter how stable the lifestyle, everyone is constantly flowing and changing through life, but always in the present moment, so maybe my lifestyle isn’t so much different than anyone else’s. Perhaps I should just say that we’ll continue living and eating stuff, just not here, and we don’t much plan on showing up to any offices after May 2, 2014.

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