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Or, more so in 571 Leonard.

We have two weeks before I’m done with my job and Brandy is frenetically liquidating the apartment. Packing, planning, hanging with friends. It’s all coming together in a jumbled ball of beautiful, but filthy yarn.

We’ve passed over the pre-departure blues and are into the downslope of activity and excitement that immediately precedes such a thing.

We’re starting to get a bit antsy about the massive amount of time we have planned for the US and pieces keep being cut and trimmed to get us to Mexico sooner. After all, we did not quit our jorbs just to hang out in the US, much as we love her. We made the tough (for me) decision to skip San Diego and Baja (probably) and tackle the Sierra Madre Occidental straight from Phoenix instead. I had wanted to check out SD for the beer and a couple friends we have there and Baja after reading much about it, but it simply doesn’t make sense for us to swing all the way back after visiting my brother and our buddies in Phoenix.

Of course, our plans will change change change, but that detour has been one of the weights on our minds and it feels good to have it lifted.

Our buddy Arthur introduced us to his gf’s friend, Kevin, who will also be making the southward trek very soon, so we met up with him last night. Kevin plans to start in Alaska in a few weeks and head straight down the coast, so hopefully we’ll run into each other somewhere out there, but who knows with the road. Now that we have met up with someone else on the circuit, albeit right in our very apartment, I think I can say that the trip has officially begun in our heads.

Currently known itinerary:

May 2: Last day at work (Lewis)
May 6: Daily Show!
May 7: On to VA
May 15?: Back to NYC
May 20-Jun 25: Hawaii
July 3-13: Lots o’ Phish
July 15-17: Visit Colleen in Michigan
July 18-20: Chi-Phish
… : Wisco
End-ish Aug: Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins
… : somewhere in the NW to start cycling

For those who don’t get the reference, a must see:

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