East Coast USA & Hawaii Summary 2014

Lewis sitting on a bench looking cool and texting

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New York (24 nights: May 2-7; May 16-19; Jun 24-27; Jul 1-14)

Distance cycled:123 mi / 198 km / 799,961 RJP
Elevation gained:3,845 ft / 1,172 m
Elevation lost:4,063 ft / 1,238 m

Naturally we started our trip in New York. Although homeless now, we used NYC as our home base for travel and concerts until mid-July when we finally got the hell out of there. We rode around the city quite a bit, but I only included miles to and from the train station and the Phish shows at Randall’s Island. We also did a mini-tour between a festival in Vermont and some shows upstate.

Lewis sitting on a bench looking cool and texting

This is what you do when you’re funemployed in NYC.

New Jersey (1 night: May 7; May 16; May 19-20; Jun 24)

We were in New Jersey several times, passing through to/from Virginia or the Newark airport. We spent one night there before catching our flight to Hawaii.

Pennsylvania (May 7; May 16; Jul 14) Transit only

We passed through Pennsylvania on our way to/from Virginia as well as on the train to Ohio.

Maryland (May 7; May 16) Transit only

We passed through Maryland on our way to/from Virginia.

West Virginia (May 7; May 16) Transit only

We passed through West Virginia on our way to/from Virginia.

Virginia (7 nights: May 7-16)

Our first trip out of New York was to visit Brandy’s folks in Virginia and drop off a vanload of crap we decided to keep. We did no cycling in Virginia. We drove through the night on the way back. That night is not attributed to any state.

Lewis hanging laundry

North Carolina – Lewis only (1 night: May 13-14)

I took a day trip down to Raleigh and Chapel Hill to visit a friend while Brandy stayed behind to finish some sewing projects. I ate good BBQ, went to a brewery and did no bicycling.

Approaching an iron bridge with Jersey barriers blocking it off.

I guess my map is out of date.

Spray painted on the road of the closed bridge, "If I find out who cut my ropes down Im'a fuc#"


Trays of BBQ and other delicious fixin's

Almost makes me want to eat meat again

Georgia (1 night: May 20-21)

We were stranded in Atlanta after we missed our connection to Hawaii, until we remembered that my cousin, Matt had just moved there. Luckily he had randomly chosen to take the day off work and we had a nice surprise visit with Matt and his family.

Hawaii (33 nights: May 21-Jun 23)

Distance cycled:36 mi / 58 km / 232,645 RJP
Elevation gained:1,542 ft / 470 m
Elevation lost:1,542 ft / 470 m
Broken spokes:3

We were lucky enough to come across some insanely cheap tickets to Hawaii in the months leading up to our trip. In the past we’d skipped similar deals because it just didn’t seem right to go there for only a week. Finally! We’d have enough time to give Hawaii our full attention. We spent over a month there and visited all but one of the populated islands open to the public. The people we met were incredible and showed us that the aloha spirit is still alive. Each island is unique and magnificent in its own way and we absolutely intend to return, possibly to live. We only did a small amount of cycling, on crappy rental bikes on the very bike-able island of Molokai. The bikes were in such poor condition that I broke several spokes on mine.

We paid for accommodations for 11 of our nights there, including 5 nights of backpacking on the Na Pali Coast. Our 19 nights of camping ranged from squatting with a homeless guy in Kona who claimed to be the deposed king of Hawaii to some of the most beautiful spots we have ever been. Of those, 13 nights were on the seashore.

A huge forest fire from the plane on the way to Hawaii

A huge forest fire from the plane on the way to Hawaii

Lewis in the distance on a tiny road along the coast

Vermont (4 nights: Jun 27-Jul 1)

Distance cycled:68 mi / 109 km / 438,646 RJP
Elevation gained:4,101 ft / 1,250 m
Elevation lost:5,016 ft / 1,529 m
Ass kicked by bike:1 time

There was time for one last festival with our buddies Austin & Elyza. The Frendly (sic) Gathering in Vermont attracted a much younger crowd than other festivals, but was a good time nonetheless. The festival fit in logistically well with the Phish three-night run at Saratoga Springs so we made a small cycle tour out of it. The Green Mountains were our first true climbing with loaded bikes. Just getting to the festival entrance was challenging enough, but we were shocked to learn that there were another seven miles and 900 feet of elevation gain to get from the check-in to the actual festival. The choice of riding or taking the yellow school bus was easy and provided some unearned downhill coasting when we left the fest on Sunday. Perhaps to pay us back our insolence, the road hypnotized Brandy to forget to unclip from the pedals going into the campground that night and she toppled over onto her poor knee. It was pretty bashed up, but luckily it was superficial and she was able to ride the next day. Sleeping arrangements ran the gamut on this ride: state park, free camping next to a creek in the woods, escaping a storm in our tent behind the house of a friendly jogger, Warm Showers hosts, stealth camping behind an Amtrak station.

Our friends chilling in a hammock in the woods

Hammocking it up with A & E at the Frendly Gathering.

Lewis at a rocky stream in the woods

This stream filled up with lightning bugs at night.

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