October 6, 2013 | Posted in:Food, New York City, Places

One of the most amazing things about NYC is that it is a true multicultural city, and not just two or three cultures, but dozens. There are so many different cultures from all over the world, and many of these people coalesce into tight communities where they keep their language and customs and, oh yes, their food! It dawned on me the other day that it is possible to eat at a restaurant from a different country, not to mention ethnic divisions within countries, every week for a year or more. Of course, this gave me a project idea, and my favorite type of project begins with making a huge list!

From now until we leave the city, Brandy and I will eat at a restaurant from a different country. This isn’t really a new concept, but it is an awesome way to explore the city.

Space permitting, we will try to go with groups of up to six people so that we can taste as much as possible. We will probably stick more or less to one meal per country. I know massive countries like China and India have a wide range of food and one restaurant will hardly be representative. Tough, get a smaller country.

The journey through the stomach starts next week. Where to first??

Speaking of food, I’m writing this in Battery Park and there is this huge turkey that lives here and is lurking around the lawn where I’m sitting. I’m taking it on trust that this guy is not a flesh-eating attack turkey, or if so, he has been trained to get the tourists first.