October 17, 2013 | Posted in:Hawaii, Musings

Ok, so now there is no turning back. We just bought tickets to Hawaii for a month in May/June. If we chicken out with the whole ‘mini-retirement’ thing, we’re out 866 bucks.

We weren’t planning to fly anywhere after we quit, because that was part of the point of this whole thing – flying sucks and I damn well don’t want to do it anymore if I don’t have to. But I had to. The flights were $433 RT, and Hawaii is boldfaced on my list. I figured it would likely never be cheaper for us, and it really won’t be all that convenient in the future, even when we’re on the west coast. Really, it was just an offer I couldn’t refuse and I didn’t want to take the chance that this would be one of those places that constantly eludes us for years (see my forthcoming Montauk post).

Hawaii will be an interesting first test of our budgetary acumen. We are quite good at budget traveler, spending our time soaking up the beauty and culture of a place without spending gobs of cash, but HI is pretty expensive, and there will be more flying in our future because there don’t seem to be ferries between most of the islands. The flight to get there isn’t too bad. Amortized over 34 days, it comes to about $25 a day. We’ve calculated out a very generous $75 a day average over the likely period of our long-term travels, which would give us a good amount of time before we’re flat broke, even in the unlikely event that we don’t have any income whatsoever. We’ll probably go over that in HI a bit, especially with all of the internal flights, but we’ll make a go of it. If we spend another $500 on internal flights, that is another $15 a day, which still leaves us with $35 a day. Most of our time will be spent spending nothing on hiking and biking and very little on camping, so we may be able to pull it off.

Visit beautiful Peru

Visit beautiful Peru

I have already been spending a bunch of time planning the trip. It is INCREDIBLE to have so much time to work with. I cannot describe the relief of planning with this much time – it’s like a huge load of bricks has been taken off my face. We no longer have to skip tons of stuff we wanted to see, while still packing in ridiculous amounts of travel time. Man, we spent almost as much time traveling in Peru as we did on the ground. Exaggeration, but still, a huge percent was lost, and we were harried. I also don’t feel like we need to plan everything, but can leave a lot more up to chance. I do want to do this though.

Now, back to the planning!