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The format of our blog posts will be changing a bit for now. We have been photographing almost all of the places we have slept since we arrived in Hawaii because sleeping locations are such a prominent part of the type of traveling we are doing, and many stories can spin off of such. The only problem is that those photos tend to take up precious photo space in a blog post where we’d prefer to show some sweet scenery, or whatever, especially when some places or days are simply not worth discussing. So for now we will make an intro post with photos of our sleeping arrangements, and how those impacted our trip. These will be followed by a more comprehensive post about our adventures.

So, without further ado, here is our Moloka‘i kip down.

We flew in late Saturday afternoon, so we grabbed our bike rentals and headed to a park a couple miles out of town. One Ali’i Park is an ok place to crash, with water, showers and bathrooms, but it’s just a flat area in a municipal park, so it is certainly not awesome. The wind was too insane to put up the hammocks, so we tented it. There was a large party going on in the pavilion with bad late-night karaoke, but we still managed to get some sleep.

The wind was too insane to put up the hammocks.

The wind was too insane to put up the hammocks.

The next day we biked out to the east end of the island. Sunday nights are volleyball nights at this guy Mike’s house and he let us set up in his yard. Actually, the guy who rented us our bikes volunteered the yard on his behalf.Mike's place

Mike has spent the last several years turning the place from a barren yard next to the ocean into a productive garden. Brandy and I spent the moonlit evening sitting on Adirondack chairs staring at the stars over the sea and listening to the sounds of night in the tropics.

Brandy's watercolor interpretation of our evening

Brandy’s watercolor interpretation of our evening

When the volleyball players had mostly dispersed, host included, there were still a few people hanging around a pickup drinking beers. I was hesitant to join because I was tired and felt a bit awkward with the situation, and there were a couple of obnoxiously drunk dudes speaking incoherently. I decided to hang in there a bit, and that decision would shape the rest of our incredible stay on Moloka’i.

The lovely John and Hannah were among the not incoherently drunk numbers and they suggested that we come by the next day and set up camp at their place. They are caretakers for some wealthy people who own a bunch of land and come out from time to time to “rough” it. We had to schlep up this steep, overgrown trail, but it eventually led us to this:

We FINALLY get to use our hammocks!

We FINALLY get to use our hammocks!

With a view of this:

Maui view from our "bedroom"

Maui view from our “bedroom”

We spent two nights in this relaxing spot, leaving only once in the intermediate day to go to the grocery store. We had been invited by another volleyballer, Jon, as opposed to John, to check out the organic farm where he was working. By this point we’d decided to stay on the east end of the island, which is about the opposite of what I’d planned, so we called him up to see if we could spend our final night there. Jonny set us up in the WWOOFer tents and put us to work chilling out in the outdoor kitchen.WWOOFer tents

This kitchen pumped out some phenomenal food.

This kitchen pumped out some phenomenal food.

Some other volleyballers and one of the farm owners, Stormy, showed up later to hang out for the evening and make an incredible dinner. Sometime before her son hacked her wrist open with a machete, Stormy decided the tents were unfit for the likes of us, and upgraded us to her beach house on the other side of the property set into this spooky mangrove forest.Mangrove house

The most awesome outdoor shower I’ve ever used is in the mangroves on the left. There is just a single simple wall blocking you from the yard, with the shower open to the rest of the forest. There are some nice flat stones on the ground and the shower head with actual hot water is attached to a large tree.

Upgraded to a bed

Upgraded to a bed

Thus we ended our final night in Moloka’i in the lap of luxury. Our plans for the “Friendly Isle” were very loose, and we ended up on the opposite end of the island than anticipated. We were treated to relaxing days surrounded by some achingly beautiful scenery and great people. Stay tuned for more stories of our adventures on Moloka’i and some sweet photos. We have an 18-hour train ride and we’re hoping to break the cycle of anti-productivity we’ve experienced on past train trips. Until then, be well my friends!


  1. Jason
    July 12, 2014

    I’ve been enjoying your posts and looking at photos of the interesting sleeping situations you’ve found yourself in. Keep enjoying the adventure & tranquility,

    • Lewis
      July 13, 2014

      We’re glad you’re enjoying! Just wait until we get to the Big Island sleeping pics. Brandy got us into one of the more… interesting sleeping situations I’ve been in.

  2. Ruchita
    July 23, 2014

    good to see you guys enjoying Hawaii!!!

    Jealous 😀

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