November 13, 2013 | Posted in:Musings

Mr. Money Mustache’s post the other day reminded my of a post I wrote last weekend. We had a group of about 20 wonderful people in an Atlantic City beach house to see three nights of Phish at Boardwalk Hall. The pre-party had commenced, but the sea was calling my name. So here is the post, as written.

Sometimes wonder is a step away from home

Today I took a step away from the warm, cozy beach house to go for a swim in the sea. Everyone thought I was nuts to take a dip in the rough and frigid waters, but I wanted to get a swim in and feel the bite of the cold ocean. It was incredible to run across the wide deserted beach into the crashing waves, with the fog shrouded Atlantic City shore disappearing in both directions and the gnarly clouds roiling overhead. The icy water cut into my flesh, but the air was sufficiently warm for me to relax and take in the view while contemplating the beauty of a life that contains moments like these.

Foggy Boardwalk

This, of course, made me think of my friends sitting in the house missing out on this amazing moment of beauty. And not just the 20, but the billions of people who never take a step outside the door of normalcy to experience the great wonder waiting to be explored with just a minimum of risk and discomfort. Sure, many people may be having boatloads of fun and leading wonderful lives from the comfort of their homes, but for those who never take a risk or occasionally choose the difficult route, there is an infinite world of truly exceptional moments blowing by unexplored.

Sand prints